Bowers, Dixon, Turner cash in at I-35 Speedway
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June 5, 2021  |  by Phillip Wilson

Steven Bowers Jr. won the USRA Modified main event.

In what has become the norm at I-35 Speedway, fans and drivers were treated to the smoothest racing surface around on Saturday as well as good, hard and competitive racing by some of the best drivers in the area.

Shadren Turner captured his second straight USRA B-Mod feature win at I-35 Speedway.

Turner pulled away on every restart and never looked back.

Ben Stockton made his return to I-35 gearing up for the upcoming Finish Strong Mike Tanner memorial race and had a good run in second.

Todd Luke, in only his third start in his new car, finally had a turn of luck as he finished third, points leader Tyler Cadwallader started deep in the field but stayed clean as he finished fourth and John Ross, making his return to I-35 after moving to Minnesota in the offseason, used the outside to perfection to finish fifth.

Heat wins went to Turner, Stockton and Kyler Girard. Cadwallader gained 13 positions to win the hard charger.

Jeff Dixon, another driver to claim his second straight win at I-35 Speedway, motored his way to a win in the Medieval USRA Stock Cars.

Dixon set sail and never looked back as he had to hold off the ever improving Kasey Ayers, Mich Ross—a winner from two weeks ago—Blake Peeler and Tyler Grooms driving David Davis’s car.

Heat wins went to Dixon and Doug Keller with Grooms getting the hard charger.

Steven Bowers Jr. got back to his winning ways claiming his fourth win in the USRA Modifieds at I-35 Speedway.

Bowers battled hard with Adam Kates, eventually getting the pass for the win.

Points leader Houston Johnson had another top-three finish as he came home second.

Kates finished third, Tyler Hibner was fourth and Shayne Bailey rounded off the top five.

Daniel Harris and Bowers claimed heat wins with Bailey getting the hard charger.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, June 5, 2021


Heat 1: 1. 07-Daniel Harris[1]; 2. 7D7-Kyle Covert[3]; 3. 97-Houston Johnson[2]; 4. 15-Ed Noll[6]; 5. 11-Darren Shaw[5]; 6. 98-Austin Johnson[4]; 7. 31-David Coates[7]

Heat 2: 1. 77-Steven Bowers Jr[1]; 2. 23-Adam Kates[5]; 3. 89-Tyler Hibner[3]; 4. 99H-Lee Hibner[2]; 5. 7-Shayne Bailey[6]; 6. 53J-Josh Barnes[4]; 7. 2H-John Hanson[7]

Feature: 1. 77-Steven Bowers Jr[3]; 2. 97-Houston Johnson[5]; 3. 23-Adam Kates[1]; 4. 89-Tyler Hibner[6]; 5. 7-Shayne Bailey[9]; 6. 7D7-Kyle Covert[4]; 7. 99H-Lee Hibner[8]; 8. 07-Daniel Harris[2]; 9. 15-Ed Noll[7]; 10. 11-Darren Shaw[10]; 11. 31-David Coates[13]; 12. 53J-Josh Barnes[12]; 13. 98-Austin Johnson[11]; 14. (DNS) 2H-John Hanson


Heat 1: 1. 88-Jeff Dixon[1]; 2. 292-Blake Peeler[2]; 3. 86-Shawn Mouzakis[7]; 4. 21-Aaron Sauter[3]; 5. 32K-Michael Knight[4]; 6. 5-Cody Doolittle[5]; 7. 92-Tyler Grooms[6]

Heat 2: 1. 7-Doug Keller[4]; 2. 18K-Kasey Ayres[3]; 3. 26-Anthony Whitham[1]; 4. 34X-Mich Ross[6]; 5. S20-Gene Stigall[7]; 6. 21X-Madi Waterbury[5]; 7. 21P-Darren Phillips[2]

Feature: 1. 88-Jeff Dixon[2]; 2. 18K-Kasey Ayres[4]; 3. 34X-Mich Ross[7]; 4. 292-Blake Peeler[5]; 5. 92-Tyler Grooms[13]; 6. 26-Anthony Whitham[6]; 7. 21P-Darren Phillips[14]; 8. 86-Shawn Mouzakis[3]; 9. 32K-Michael Knight[10]; 10. 5-Cody Doolittle[11]; 11. 21X-Madi Waterbury[12]; 12. S20-Gene Stigall[9]; 13. 7-Doug Keller[1]; 14. (DQ) 21-Aaron Sauter[8]


Heat 1: 1. 17T-Shadren Turner[2]; 2. 56-Troy Whitt[1]; 3. 13M-Matthew Munyon[6]; 4. 64-John Ross[7]; 5. 42C-Clayton Stutesmun[5]; 6. 222-Dustin Crist[3]; 7. 18M-Chase Moulton[8]; 8. 47L-Jason Withrow[4]

Heat 2: 1. 33S-Ben Stockton[1]; 2. 17R-Rylee Fuller[2]; 3. 20-Chad Fuller[4]; 4. 57-Randy Ainsworth[6]; 5. 94-Jared Hillyard[5]; 6. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[3]; 7. 15-Corey Myers[7]

Heat 3: 1. 00-Kyler Girard[2]; 2. 22L-Matt Lent[3]; 3. 10-Todd Luke[7]; 4. 73T-Truman Asher[1]; 5. 15P-Colin Pierce[5]; 6. 91-Eddie Schwope[6]; 7. 15A-Allen Anders[4]

Feature: 1. 17T-Shadren Turner[1]; 2. 33S-Ben Stockton[3]; 3. 10-Todd Luke[4]; 4. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[17]; 5. 64-John Ross[10]; 6. 00-Kyler Girard[2]; 7. 20-Chad Fuller[9]; 8. 13M-Matthew Munyon[6]; 9. 22L-Matt Lent[5]; 10. 15P-Colin Pierce[15]; 11. 17R-Rylee Fuller[8]; 12. 222-Dustin Crist[16]; 13. 73T-Truman Asher[12]; 14. 91-Eddie Schwope[18]; 15. 15A-Allen Anders[21]; 16. 42C-Clayton Stutesmun[13]; 17. 18M-Chase Moulton[19]; 18. 57-Randy Ainsworth[11]; 19. 47L-Jason Withrow[22]; 20. 94-Jared Hillyard[14]; 21. 15-Corey Myers[20]; 22. 56-Troy Whitt[7]

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