USRA Late Model shock rule amended
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April 3, 2021

Due to the unavailability of the Integra Racing Shocks permitted in the USRA Late Model rules, officials from the USRA have announced an alternative shock as an option for 2021.

Effective immediately, the following AFCO shocks and coil-over kit will be permitted for use in USRA Late Models:

Left Front – Part #1061075
Right Front – Part #1074-10, #1074-12 and #1061075
Left Rear – Part #1061494 and #10614972
Right Rear – Part #1061494
Coil-Over Kit – Part #10620125A7

Keep in mind that the part numbers listed above are only permitted on the corner(s) of the racecar as specified. Without exception, rear shocks must be nine (9) inches and front shocks must be seven (7) inches regardless of which shock is being utilized.

The Integra Racing Shocks will continue to be permitted. Mixing and matching of shock brands is also permitted.

As the supply situation changes, we will discuss the rule going forward including whether this temporary change will become permanent. The added shocks above, however, will be permitted for the entire 2021 calendar year.

“It’s unfortunate to have to make this rule adjustment, as keeping cost under control in this class has been the primary focus,” said Mississippi Thunder Speedway promoter Bob Timm who developed the USRA Late Model rules package. “Hopefully, this allows everyone to get on the track with minimal impact financially.”

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