I-90 Speedway updates 2020 schedule
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May 13, 2020

The I-90 Speedway in Hartford, South Dakota, has made the final alteration to the start of the 2020 season’s schedule. Of note, this coming weekend is now scheduled for practice with the 2020 season officially beginning on Saturday, May 23.

• Teams, you must register for our upcoming events. If you plan to practice or plan to race, you must register here: https://www.myracepass.com/tracks/1726/registrations/2637.
• Drivers, you must fill out a W9. Please print one from the following link, complete it, sign it, and turn it in to our back gate. You can do this at practice day or the first race. W9 link: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.
• “This is different. I haven’t had to pre-register in the past.” Yes, it sure is. We have to be able to plan for each event differently now. We have to make sure we have enough space to follow the guidelines in place.

• Practice Day is now schedule for 1 p.m. to dusk on Saturday, May 16. The pits will open at noon.
• Pit passes are $25 each and available online at: https://market.myracepass.com/store/tickets/?i=1207341&store=11485.
• Please follow all of the instructions, including printing your receipt to bring to the track.
• Those with online tickets purchased get preference to get in over those who wait to buy them at the back gate. Again, this allows us to plan for proper spacing based on guidelines.
• RAIN DATE: Saturday looks iffy on some forecasts. If we cannot run practice on Saturday, we will do it this Sunday at the same times.

If you just want to get out and watch some racing --- oh, we all do! Here are some notes for you.
• For the Paramount Racing Series events, Adult Tickets are $13; students ages 13-18 are $6; those 12 and younger are always free to our stands.
• Speaking of tickets, YOU ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE. For our Paramount Racing Series season opener on May 23, ticket are available now here: https://market.myracepass.com/store/tickets/?i=1207326&store=11485.
• Please follow all of the instructions, including printing your receipt to bring to the track.
• We are asking that fans highly consider bringing lawn chairs for seating. This will allow for proper social distancing. We are also continuing to work on our bleachers. Our final shipment of material has been delayed because of the pandemic.
• We are proud to have partnered with AdvantageRacing.TV for our opening shows to be broadcast live online. We encourage those with underlying health conditions or above the age of 65 to consider this pay-per-view option.
• Finally, back to tickets – because of the ongoing illness issue, we may be forced to limit those in attendance. Again, this is all the more reason to get your tickets online. Those with pre-purchased tickets from https://market.myracepass.com/store/tickets/?i=1207326&store=11485 will certainly be allowed into the event.

• Pit passes are $30 and available here: https://market.myracepass.com/store/tickets/?i=1207326&store=11485.
• Please be sure to purchase the proper pit pass (driver or crew) and follow all of the instructions, including printing your receipt to bring to the track.
• We will need a complete W9 to pay you. See all upcoming events section above.
• You must be registered. See all upcoming events section above.
• May 23 will be draw/redraw for all classes. To limit contact, this will be done through auto-draw on MyRacePass. Auto-draw cannot be manipulated by the speedway. If you have questions on that, please contact MyRacePass.
• Speaking of MyRacePass – make sure someone on your team has the app. That is where you’ll find lineups for all of our events. For a small annual fee, you also get access to live, but unofficial, scoring.

Finally, we know this is all very, very different for everyone. But then again, times are very different right now. Remember, if you don’t feel well – stay home. We need to keep everyone well so we can keep racing. Please, read all of the notes above and follow those instructions. We’ll do our very best to keep communicating with you as we look forward to the start of the 2020 season.

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