Bidinger, Turner, Dixon win opening night thrillers at I-35 Speedway
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April 6, 2019  |  by Mark Merrell

Nic Bidinger won the USRA Modified feature.

After enduring five months without racing, including a harsh winter, race fans filled the grandstands at I-35 Speedway for opening night in hopes of some exciting racing and they got their wish and more.

In the Out-Pace USRA B-Mods, Ty Griffith started on the pole and looked to be well on his way to the win.

Shadren Turner had other ideas, hounding Griffith with moves to the inside line in the corners, at times side-by-side with Griffith.

Dakota Foster, Chad Walker and Randy Ainsworth stayed tight in the lead group as well.

Just past the halfway point in the race, Griffith raced out of turn 2 when his machine suddenly slowed, coasting to the outside line down the back-stretch.

The speeding group, two-by-two just behind Griffith, scrambled to find a path by him.

With nowhere to go, Ainsworth made heavy impact after attempting to slow his Out-Pace USRA B-Mod.

Both drivers were checked and released with no injuries.

Turner never looked back after the restart, racing his way into victory lane.

Jeff Dixon was sporting a new paint scheme for the season for the American Racer USRA Stock Cars.

He wasted no time finding his way to the lead, racing out of turn 2 on the first lap, appearing as if his stock car was suddenly launched from a cannon.

Dixon held on for the win in hopes of repeating as the track champion.

In the final race of the night, and certainly one of the most exciting, the USRA Modifieds put on a no-seat-required event for the fans.

Nic Bidinger began his quest for winner’s circle from the pole.

Just to his right was Rick Bebee with Tyler Hibner and 2018 track champion Dennis Elliott just behind the pair in row 2.

An incident in turn 4 collected Bebee, Ed Noll and Hibner, among others.

This set up the monumental contest between Bidinger and Elliott as they exchanged the lead lap after lap with Bidinger running on the high side cushion and Elliott on the low side, racing near the apron on the track.

On the final lap, the pair raced out of turn 4 side-by-side for the win with the crowd on it’s feet as Bidinger edged out Elliott for the victory.

Next Saturday, I-35 Speedway will host Tompkins Industries Night with a visit from the Show-Me Vintage Racing Series.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, April 6, 2019

Showing finishing position, car number, driver and hometown.


1. (1) 3B Nic Bidinger, Perry, Kan.
2. (4) 29 Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr, Ia.
3. (9) 97 Houston Johnson, Kansas City, Mo.
4. (2) 22B Rick Beebe, Shawnee, Kan.
5. (5) 78 Derrick Hicks, Ravenwood, Mo.
6. (8) 33C Cole Moore, Kansas City, Mo.
7. (12) 4M Manlee Lamar, Polo, Mo.
8. (6) 23 Darwin Karau, Kasson, Minn.
9. (11) 2H John Hanson, Stewartsville, Mo.
10. (3) 89 Tyler Hibner, Chillicothe, Mo.
11. (7) 98 Austin Johnson, Kansas City, Mo.
12. (10) 15 Ed Noll, Excelsior Springs, Mo.


1. (3) 17T Shadren Turner, St. Joseph, Mo.
2. (4) 5 Dakota Foster, Gardner, Kan.
3. (14) 16 Blake Pierce, Kansas City, Mo.
4. (5) 04 Chad Walker, Kansas City, Kan.
5. (13) 18K Danan Knott, Coffey, Mo.
6. (15) 14 Kameron Grindstaff, Independence, Mo.
7. (10) 07 Daniel Harris, Excelsior Springs, Mo.
8. (8) 88L Lonnie Hibner, Chillicothe, Mo.
9. (16) 97J Jeff Elder, Smithville, Mo.
10. (9) 10 Johnny McGinnis, Hardin, Mo.
11. (17) 15XL Jared Hillyard, Pleasant Valley, Mo.
12. (12) 4 Andrew Sheetz, Tina, Mo.
13. (20) 14H Blake Hayes, Albany, Mo.
14. (1) 56 Ty Griffith, Webster City, Iowa
15. (6) 57 Randy Ainsworth, Excelsior Springs, Mo.
16. (2) 2T Todd Luke, Maryville, Mo.
17. (22) 22D Gary Dixon, St. Joseph, Mo.
18. (7) 117 Tim Galvan, Kansas City, Mo.
19. (19) 69 Tyler Cadwallader, Amazonia, Mo.
20. (21) 0 Chase Galvan, Kansas City, Kan.
21. (11) 1 Kyle Henning, Atchison, Kan.
22. (18) 3D Jonathan Barnett, St. Joseph, Mo.


1. (2) 88 Jeff Dixon, Trenton, Mo.
2. (1) 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven, Sully, Ia.
3. (3) 42T Tim Shields, Kansas City, Mo.
4. (6) 11 Austin O'Neal, Kearney, Mo.
5. (5) 00 Nick Whalen, Kansas City, Kan.
6. (4) 33T Thomas Ground
7. (7) 8Y Rieli Yonts, Leavenworth, Kan.

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