Fuqua, Morton win at Lucas Oil Speedway
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July 5, 2018  |  by Lyndal Scranton

J.C. Morton won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Thursday Night Thunder presented by KY3 and Casey's at Lucas Oil Speedway feature winners Saturday included J.C. Morton of Springfield, Mo., in the Out-Pace USRA B-Mods and Darron Fuqua of Mayetta, Kan., in the USRA Modifieds.

Another highlight of the evening was the annual Kids' Night with 104 bicycles awarded, during intermission, to members of the Frog's Signs Junior Fan Club. The bikes were donated by drivers, sponsors, fans and area businesses.

Morton moved into the points leads the last outing at Lucas Oil Speedway and he earned his first feature victory of the season Thursday night.

Morton took over the lead when front-running Kris Jackson spun out with a big lead, eight laps from the finish.

"There early Jackson got out into the lead and had a straightaway on us. I was just trying to maintain and hope for a yellow," Morton said.

Jackson started on the pole and drove to a straightaway-margin lead by lap seven and was extending it further when he spun in turn one on lap 12 to bring out the caution.

"I was trying to watch the lapped cars and I saw (Jackson) jump the cushion a little bit," Morton said. "That's just part of racing."

It sent Jackson to tailback and elevated Morton into the lead with Andy Bryant and Shawn Strong second and third.

Morton withstood several runs by Bryant and four restarts after caution flags over the final eight laps to earn the victory.

Bryant finished second with Strong in third. Jackson passed 11 cars over the final eight laps, working his way back into ninth at the finish.

Fuqua wins his sixth: Make it a six pack of USRA Modified feature wins at Lucas Oil Speedway this season for Fuqua. This one might have been the hardest-earned yet as Fuqua got past Jon Sheets on the final circuit.

"I'm just thrilled and tickled to death," Fuqua said after the thrilling finish, in which he actually made the last-lap pass twice. The first was wiped out by a caution flag.

The 10th-starting Fuqua worked his way into second place, behind Sheets, by lap 10 when another caution waved.

Those two ran 1-2 until the white-flag lap when Fuqua used a slide job to get past Sheets going into turn three, for an apparent race-winning move. But a spinning car ahead of them brought out a caution and leaving restart consistent of a a one-lap sprint.

Fuqua this time used the high side to gain momentum and pass Sheets coming out of turn two. He held on to take another victory and leave Sheets with his second runner-up finish of the season.

"I showed him the bottom enough that he would probably stop down there and keep that lane blocked," Fuqua said. "I had one more shot and thought if I could beat him on the outside by the back straightaway, I can win this deal. I got a run, got beside him and it worked out."

Terry Schultz finished third with Mike Striegel fourth and Chad Lyle was fifth. Joe Duvall raced from the 24th starting spt to finish sixth.

Darron Fuqua won the USRA Modified feature.

Diamond Nationals Next: Racing resumes on Saturday, July 14 with the 12th annual CMH Diamond Nationals featuring the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. The USRA Modifieds also will be in action with a $1,000-to-win feature.

For ticket information on all events at Lucas Oil Speedway in 2018, contact admission director Nichole McMillan at (417) 282-5984 or by email at nichole@lucasoilspeedway.com. Fans also can go online to purchase tickets for any event on the 2018 schedule.

Lucas Oil Speedway is located at Highways 83 and 54 in Wheatland, Missouri. A campground with shower and bathroom facilities is also available. With its entrance located just outside the pit gate this sprawling scenic camping facility will continue to enhance the racing experience at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks.

Click www.LucasOilSpeedway.com for more information and detailed directions to the speedway or call the Track Hotline at (417) 282-5984. In addition, fans can get social with Lucas Oil Speedway by following @LucasSpeedway on Twitter, clicking "Like" at www.facebook.com/LucasOilSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/LucasOilSpeedway.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Thursday, July 5, 2018


Heat #1: 1. Cody Brill Harrisonville, Mo.; 2. Sam Petty Marshfield, Mo.; 3. Justin Pike El Dorado Springs, Mo.; 4. Austin Joplin Willard, Mo.; 5. Ricky Watkins Brookline, Mo.; 6. Cayden Campbell Nevada, Mo.; 7. Quentin Taylor Wheatland, Mo.; 8. Jacob Faibian Nevada, Mo.; 9. Alexys Vanzandt Billings, Mo.; 10. Dayton Pursley Hermitage, Mo.

Heat #2: 1. Michael Bixby Harrisonville, Mo.; 2. Galen Hassler Columbia, Mo.; 3. Taylor Moore Bois D Arc, Mo.; 4. Mark Long Willard, Mo.; 5. Morgan Campbell Nevada, Mo.; 6. Alan Ferguson Adrian, Mo.; 7. Greg Scheffler Pittsburg, Mo.; 8. Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 9. Ken Scott Willard, Mo.; DNS - Josh Crump Urich, Mo.

Heat #3: 1. Kris Jackson Lebanon, Mo.; 2. Andy Bryant Fort Scott, Kan.; 3. Robert Heydenreich Bolivar, Mo.; 4. Chad Staus Otterville, Mo.; 5. J C Newell Buffalo, Mo.; 6. Cory Janasek Independence, Kan.; 7. Matt Williams Urbana, Mo.; 8. Jerry Ellis Richaland, Mo.; 9. Ryan Edde Cross Timbers, Mo.

Heat #4: 1. Michael Cawney Willow Springs, Mo.; 2. Brian McGowen Pittsburg, Kan.; 3. Mike Striegel Hermitage, Mo.; 4. Mitchell Franklin Camdenton, Mo.; 5. Dillon McCowan Urbana, Mo.; 6. Doug Scism Nevada, Mo.; 7. Chris Cain Columbia, Mo.; 8. Jake Hereford Fort Scott, Kan.; DNS - Casey Thomas Camdenton, Mo.

Heat #5: 1. J.C. Morton Springfield, Mo.; 2. Shawn Strong Billings, Mo.; 3. Jacob Blair Kansas City, Mo.; 4. Kelly Bremer Monett, Mo.; 5. Robbe Ewing Stockton, Mo.; 6. Michael Stake Phillipsburg, Mo.; 7. Chris Brockway Knob Noster, Mo.; 8. Leroy Morrison Raymore, Mo.; DNS = Steve Muilenburg Sparta, Mo.

"B" Feature #1: 1. J.C. Newell Buffalo, Mo.; 2. Mitchell Franklin Camdenton, Mo.; 3. Ricky Watkins Brookline, Mo.; 4. Robbe Ewing Stockton, Mo.; 5. Jacob Blair Kansas City, Mo.; 6. Chris Cain Columbia, Mo.; 7. Quentin Taylor Wheatland, Mo.; 8. Alan Ferguson Adrian, Mo.; 9. Doug Scism Nevada, Mo.; 10. Matt Williams Urbana, Mo.; 11. Josh Crump Urich, Mo.; 12. Jake Hereford Fort Scott, Kan.; 13. Steve Muilenburg Sparta, Mo.; 14. Alexys Vanzandt Billings, Mo.; DNS - Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo.; DNS - Ryan Edde Cross Timbers, Mo.

"B" Feature #2: 1. Michael Stake Phillipsburg, Mo.; 2. Austin Joplin Willard, Mo.; 3. Cayden Campbell Nevada, Mo.; 4. Dillon McCowan Urbana, Mo.; 5. Morgan Campbell Nevada, Mo.; 6. Greg Scheffler Pittsburg, Mo.; 7. Cory Janasek Independence, Kan.; 8. Leroy Morrison Raymore, Mo.; 9. Chris Brockway Knob Noster, Mo.; 10. Ken Scott Willard, Mo.; 11. Jacob Faibian Nevada, Mo.; 12. Jerry Ellis Richaland, Mo.; 13. Dayton Pursley Hermitage, Mo.; 14. Justin Pike El Dorado Springs, Mo.; DNS - Casey Thomas Camdenton, Mo.

"A" Feature: 1. J.C. Morton Springfield, Mo.; 2. Andy Bryant Fort Scott, Kan.; 3. Shawn Strong Billings, Mo.; 4. Taylor Moore Bois D'Arc, Mo.; 5. Brian McGowen Pittsburg, Kan.; 6. Sam Petty Marshfield, Mo.; 7. Mike Striegel Hermitage, Mo.; 8. Galen Hassler Columbia, Mo.; 9. Kris Jackson Lebanon, Mo.; 10. Mitchell Franklin Camdenton, Mo.; 11. Michael Bixby Harrisonville, Mo.; 12. J.C. Newell Buffalo, Mo.; 13. Robbe Ewing Stockton, Mo.; 14. Kelly Bremer Monett, Mo.; 15. Austin Joplin Willard, Mo.; 16. Ricky Watkins Brookline, Mo.; 17. Michael Stake Phillipsburg, Mo.; 18. Mark Long Willard, Mo.; 19. Robert Heydenreich Bolivar, Mo.; 20. Cayden Campbell Nevada, Mo.; 21. Michael Cawney Willow Springs, Mo.; 22. Cody Brill Harrisonville, Mo.; 23. Chad Staus Otterville, Mo.; 24. Dillon McCowan Urbana, Mo.


Heat #1: 1. Tyler Wolff Fayetteville, Ark.; 2. Ryan Middaugh Fulton, Mo.; 3. Ronnie Woods Mexico, Mo.; 4. Robert Reed Mexico, Mo.; 5. Chad Lyle Oak Grove, Mo.; 6. Tracy Wolf Buffalo, Mo.; 7. Jason Pursley Hermitage, Mo.; 8. Jimmy Dowell Boonville, Mo.; DNF. Daniel Wosoba El Dorado Springs, Mo.

Heat #2: 1. Jon Sheets Liberal, Mo.; 2. Lance Town Wellsville, Kan.; 3. Evan Hubert, Pittsburg, Mo.; 4. Darron Fuqua Mayetta, Kan.; 5. Austin Johnson Kansas City, Mo.; 6. Jeff Cutshaw Bolivar, Mo.; 7. Scott Drake Diamond, Mo.; 8. John Hanson Kansas City, Mo.

Heat #3: 1. Terry Schultz Sedalia, Mo.; 2. Steve Muilenburg Sparta, Mo.; 3. Mike Striegel Hermitage, Mo.; 4. Shawn Strong Billings, Mo.; 5. Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo.; 6. Chase Domer Nevada, Mo.; 7. Joe Duvall Claremore, Ok. 8. Donnie Fellers Wheatland, Mo.

Feature: 1. Darron Fuqua Mayetta, Kan.; 2. Jon Sheets Liberal, Mo.; 3. Terry Schultz Sedalia, Mo.; 4. Mike Striegel Hermitage, Mo.; 5. Chad Lyle Oak Grove, Mo.; 6. Joe Duvall Claremore, Ok. 7. Jeff Cutshaw Bolivar, Mo.; 8. Lance Town Wellsville, Kan.; 9. Shawn Strong Billings, Mo.; 10. Jimmy Dowell Boonville, Mo.; 11. Jason Pursley Hermitage, Mo.; 12. Daniel Wosoba El Dorado Springs, Mo.; 13. Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo.; 14. Tracy Wolf Buffalo, Mo.; 15. Austin Johnson Kansas City, Mo.; 16. Donnie Fellers Wheatland, Mo.; 17. Robert Reed Mexico, Mo.; 18. Steve Muilenburg Sparta, Mo.; 19. Evan Hubert, Pittsburg, Mo.;  20. Ronnie Woods Mexico, Mo.; 21. John Hanson Kansas City, Mo.; 22. Tyler Wolff Fayetteville, Ark.; 23. Ryan Middaugh Fulton, Mo.; DNS - Scott Drake Diamond, Mo.; DQ - Chase Domer Nevada, Mo.

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