Gilmore doubles down at Springfield
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May 12, 2018  |  by Ronnie Williams

Current USRA Modified national points leader Ryan Gilmore was busy in Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series action Saturday, capturing both the USRA Modified and Out-Pace USRA B-Mod features at the Springfield Raceway.

In the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature, Gilmore and Justin Comer brought the field to the green and Gilmore quickly jumped to the top groove with current Out-Pace USRA B-Mod national points leader Jackie Dalton and Comer following closely.

Gilmore was keeping Dalton at Bay while a battle back in the pack including Rex Merritt, Aaron Scroggins, Jace Parmley and Shawn Duncan were going at it three-wide. In the closing laps, Dalton made an attempt on Gilmore on a late restart but came-up short as Comer was sneaking up to attempt to take over second place.

Gilmore, who last week scratched after the heat race with motor problems, found his No. 66 on cruise control. Following Gilmore was Dalton, Comer, Scroggins and Merritt.

In the USRA Modified feature, top qualifier James Thompson wasted no time in taking the top spot over Gilmore while track points leader Jody Tillman and Jim Body were puuting on a show. Thompson was hitting his marks perfect as Gilmore was searching as the feature stayed caution free.

As the crossed flags flew at the halfway point, Gilmore made the bottom groove stick and worked to the top spot while Tillman quickly caught Thompson. Out in front, Gilmore who used to be the track photographer at the track, found Tillman making a late-race surge but came up short as Gilmore grabbed the win with Tillman, Thompson, Body and West Plains hard charger Jason Hughes following.

Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series action continues next Saturday night, May 19, with Casey's General Store Night.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Springfield Raceway, Springfield, Mo.
Saturday, May 12, 2018


1. (2) 3366 Ryan Gilmore
2. (3) 85 Jody Tillman
3. (1) 11t James Thompson
4. (4) 71 Jim Body
5. (8) 17 Jason Hughes
6. (10) 35 Jerry Lankton
7. (6) 73 Mickey Burrell
8. (9) 7f Daniel Franklin
9. (7) 33d Danny DeMasters
10. (5) 8 Nathan Gold
11. (11) 33 Danny Martin
12. (12) 11 Phil Harris
13. (13) 40b Shane Bias
DNS – 1 Tony Fincher


1. (1) 66 Ryan Gilmore
2. (3) 21 Jackie Dalton
3. (2) 112 Justin Comer
4. (7) 1/4 Aaron Scroggins
5. (5) 25m Rex Merritt
6. (6) D7 Shawn Duncan
7. (4) 82 Jace Parmley
8. (8) 55b Bill Schahuber
9. (13) 21x Cody Ryder
10. (16) 3a Aaron Speck
11. (11) 32 Kelly Hicks
12. (10) 64 Andrew Hendren
13. (9) 1/4x Ron Scroggins
14. (15) 17r Rod Inman
15. (12) 1b Tylor Black
16. (14) 25 Lexy Vanzandt

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