I-35 Speedway Social Distancing Guidelines
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May 4, 2020

The excitement of racing returns to the legendary I-35 Speedway this Saturday, May 9.  Months of delay have been built into this racing season because of an invisible enemy.  This enemy has caused us to take one night of racing and split it into two nights of racing.  It requires all of us to practice social distancing, minimum 6 feet.

For the safety of our fans, our competitors, and our staff listed below are the I-35 Speedway “Let’s Win this Battle” guidelines.

Race Fans:

1. Race Fans must sit at least 6 feet apart. Family groups may sit together, but everyone else must be 6 feet apart.

2. Should a line form, at least 6 feet must remain between each person in line. This is in effect for the ticket windows, concession area, and drink shack.

3. No community condiments.  All condiments will be added by the concession staff if desired.

4. DO NOT stand in the ramp area leading to the grandstands.  Families may claim a picnic table in front of the concession for observation of the races.  Please fan out and use all the bleachers.  If you normally sit in the first couple of sections and they are occupied with people already social distancing please continue towards turn 1.

5. Because we now live in a “No Touch Social Distancing” world we have added extra trash cans in the grandstands for depositing your trash.  We request your help in keeping your seating area clean by utilizing the extra trash cans.

6. It is highly recommended all race fans wear a mask.

7. Hand sanitizer units have been placed throughout the facility.

8. Restrooms will be wiped down throughout the night, this includes stall doors and dispensers.

9. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves.

10. Stay home if you do not feel well.


1. When checking in or getting a pit pass at the pit shack, same as race fans, remain at least 6 feet apart.

2. When outside your pit area, please remain at least 6 feet from others.

3. Please apply 6-foot social distancing when in the pit grandstands or watching from the catwalk.

4. It is highly recommended everyone in the pit area wear a mask.

5. We are utilizing MyRacePass race management in 2020.  The computer system will auto draw at driver check in.  This eliminates another area of several people touching the same button.

6. For classes running transponders, you will be given a transponder in a plastic bag at check in.

7. Please stay within your respective pit area as much as possible.

8. If you do not feel well, please stay home.

9. The driver’s meeting will be via the I-35 Speedway Facebook Live page on race night. Those without Facebook may gather at the pit grandstands applying the 6-foot social distancing.  An announcement will be made on the pit public address prior to starting the meeting.

10. Please be ready when it is your turn at the pit window.  Opening night includes registration, minor releases, transponder fees (purchase or rent), and pit passes.  You must put your pit pass arm band on at the window. Pit gate opens early each day at 3:00 P.M. Pre-registration can be completed online at MyRacePass.com.

11. USRA classes must register online or purchase a one-night $10 temporary license.  The computer software will indicate whether a person has or has not purchased their license.  The track can only sell temporary one-night USRA licenses.

12. Trash bags will be handed out at pit check in, since we are in a “No Touch Social Distancing” world, please place all trash in your pit area in the trash bag and deposit in the trash containers before leaving the pits at the end of the race event.

Thank you everyone for working with us and working within the established guidelines so we can once again resume racing.

Welcome back,

I-35 Speedway

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